The only singer-songwriter in Japan who has engaged in musical activities in an orchestra style to pursue mystery of your heart and mind.

Clearly different from commercial J-Pop songs, his music covers a broad range of topics including the origin of life, races, religions, and the universe. You are part of nature and your feelings for such topics exist in the back of your mind as a kind of water vein. He expresses such topics through music by using an orchestra which can express subtlety and dynamism. This new and rare music style crossing a boundary between pops and classic music awakes the mind of modern people.

He has offered music to radio stations such as USEN and NHK. In June, 2017, he released a funerary song trilogy “Sayonara no kinenbi” (Anniversary of sayonara). In addition, it has been decided that he would produce Baika-style Goeika (Buddhist hymn) of the Soto sect and be in charge of the tune of Katsushika Hokusai “Hokusai road (provisional title)”.

In the fall of 2018, he will also offer the tune of the world’s first project “Space burial”.

In addition, he serves as head of Tsuji Music Office which is an association intending to familiarize orchestra’s sound to the public.

In 2014, he started his orchestral activities at an event at which he sang his own songs in front of a string quintet composed of members of Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2015, he made a concert titled “Orchestral” a major success, at which he gave a performance in collaboration with musicians from a band and an orchestra. Furthermore, during the period from April through until September in 2016, he worked as a main personality of an FM Kawasaki radio program “Tsuji Hayaki no Orchestra Japon!”.

Japan’s first funerary song trilogy CD “Sayonara no kinenbi” (Anniversary of sayonara) released

It is very sad to lose an important person. From that moment, however, the memory of the person will be cherished in the minds of surrounding people and unforgettable forever. In that sense, I suppose it can be said that the day of his or her death is a memorable day, that is, an “anniversary”, for them. Based on such feeling, a song “Sayonara no kinenbi” (Anniversary of sayonara) was born and will be released on June 7, 2017 as the first CD composed only of funeral songs in Japan.

In charge of the official Space Burial Project tune

It was decided that he would be in charge of the official tune of Space Burial Project scheduled in 2018. It is the world’s first project of ash-scattering service manually carried out by the only commercial astronaut in Japan, Taichi Yamazaki. Unlike a conventional space funeral service performed by launching a rocket with encapsulated ashes placed, it is implemented warm-heartedly by scattering ashes into the space by hand. This project attracts attention as a new funeral style conducted in collaboration with NTK PLANNING producing the end of your life.

In charge of producing a Soto sect Baika-style Goeika project

It can be said that the Japanese traditional songs such as minyo (folk songs) and nagauta (long epic songs) have their roots in Goeika, a sort of a hymn in the world of the Buddhism. He will produce this Soto sect’s project to make it more listener-friendly and more approachable so that the present generation can achieve deeper peace of mind.

In charge of the tune of “Hokusai Road (provisional title)”

A book “Hokusai and Obuse – Throughout the ages and beyond national borders” will be written by a non-fiction writer, Mr. Norio Koyama, as part three of the different culture series. During the process for collecting information, a project to follow the footsteps of Hokusai’s last years will be organized. He will be in charge of the tune of the project.