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“Global Space Orchestra” is the world’s first entertainment project using space and future technology that will be surely achieved.

Various things on the earth will be more and more globally unified by many artificial satellites to be launched in future.

As of right now, districts of more than half of the world do not have internet access. This digital divide, however, will be eliminated in the near future thanks to these satellites and powerful terrestrial communication line, 5G, which is on our fingertips, thus drastically changing our lives.

“Global Space Orchestra”. It is a festival using these future technologies.

Global Space Orchestra will provide an extremely large-scale concert on a stage, called, “Planet Earth”. At this concert, one music piece, composed by Hayaki Tsuji, will be played from various places all over the world at the same time. Each performance will be connected via the Internet based on data, thus providing powerful message of peace. That will bring strong emotion and supreme happiness to our hearts which we have never had.

This is a 10-year project. He aims to have a total number of one hundred million participants in this project. At the same time, he wants this project to be a peaceful festival beyond boundaries which have been dividing us, such as nationality, race, age, gender, and illness, thus enabling people, even for a second, to feel a sense of belonging to each other and also feel as a big family living on the same planet.

This project starts by the presentation at ISDC2018, the International Space Development Conference, in May 2018.