Sayonara no kinenbi

  1. Sayonara no kinenbi (Anniversary of sayonara)
  2. Deai no kiseki (Miracle of encounter)
  3. Omoide no hidamari (Sunny spot of memories)
Released on Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Price 1,296 yen (with tax)
Manufactured by G-WAVE Factory
Distributed by CITY WAVE Inc.

Japan’s first challenging funerary song trilogy CD “Sayonara no kinenbi”

At the time of bereavement of an important person, you get filled with great sadness. However, it is not only the day of farewell but also the day when the memory of the person starts to be cherished in the minds of surrounding people and unforgettable. In that sense, I suppose it can be said that the day of his or her death is a memorable day, that is, an “anniversary. The CD consists of the following: the title song “Sayonara no kinenbi” on which such my feeling is strongly reflected, “Deai no kiseki” which includes my message, “An encounter with an important person is a miracle occurred between people led by fate”, and “Omoide no hidamari” which is featured by a melody as if each single memory carved in time on the extension of the miracle is colored. Either piece is a beautiful dirge composed for people to say goodbye to and also commemorate an important person.

The funeral song trilogy was composed by not a conventional classical or jazz artist but a pop artist for the first time in Japan; it leads you to a beautiful space, not to a space with a dark and heavy image of a “funereal”, as if you bask in great tenderness. It is the challenging work of me, Hayaki Tsuji.


  1. サヨナラの記念日
  2. 出会いの奇跡
  3. 思い出の陽だまり
発売日 2017.6.7(水)
品番 CWCA-109
定価 1,296円(税込)
製造 G-WAVE Factory
販売 株式会社CITY WAVE

葬送歌三部作 CD『サヨナラの記念日』